Gain an Employment Edge

June 6th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

Every college senior needs an edge, as they look for their first job. Typically, there are ten areas where employment candidates must compete. Being strong in one or two areas is good, but being strong in many of these areas is better. The best employers always look for college students who have demonstrated strengths in most of the following areas.


First impressions count. The student’s dress, grooming, smile, jewelry and posture all play a part in the impression that is created. Sharp candidates pay attention to every detail.


Positive, upbeat and likeable personalities will always work in the candidate’s favor. Employers prefer to hire people who will fit in and get along with their co-workers.


Communication is critical to business and career success. That’s why students with above average communication skills will always stand out. Employers need candidates with strong reading, writing and speaking skills to get their jobs done well and help to move the organization forward.


Enthusiastic and energetic students come across much better than students who seem tired and disinterested. Enthusiastic responses and questions tell interviewers that the student is interested in learning and contributing. That’s important to every employer.


Students with a solid knowledge of their field of study will be recommended by their professors. Classroom lectures, research, reading, laboratory experiments, projects, job-related work and a healthy curiosity can all provide students with the information they will need to succeed on the job. Wise students gather their knowledge continually and from a variety of sources. Employers need employees who know what they are doing and talking about.


Even students with a broad knowledge of their field have differing amounts and types of skills. Employers try to understand those differences, so they can select candidates who best fit their current and future needs. College is the time when savvy students must work to improve and expand their skills.


All employers seek candidates who have already gained the kinds of experience they need. All work experience is good, but job-related work experience is better. When students have worked in their field of interest and gained some job-related experience, they will have given themselves an advantage that is hard to beat.


Every employer wants to learn about the results and accomplishments that students have achieved, during their four years of college. That’s how one candidate can differentiate themselves from all other candidates. When one student has a list of significant classroom, campus, work and community accomplishments and the others don’t, who do you think will get the job?


Good grades and courses that are directly related to the students field of interest will help to increase employer interest. However, students should recognize that education comes in many forms and is enhanced by first hand experience.


Presence, self-confidence, body language, tone of voice, vocabulary, commitment, attitude and work ethic are some of the additional elements that give students an edge. In fact, they are often used as the tie breaker, when employers must decide between two equally qualified candidates.

When the competition for good jobs is tough and employers have many choices, wise students work hard to strengthen each of these areas. They understand that these are the areas that will give them an edge, as they compete for the best jobs. Other students, those who fail to develop and improve in these areas, will never even get a chance to contend.