Ask Not What Your Employer Can Do For You

July 6th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

When the economy is in the tank and employers are struggling to survive, new college grads who have been recently hired would be wise to do everything they can to see that their employers remain strong and profitable. Otherwise, as things get worse and employers look for ways to tighten their belts, recent hires will quickly come to understand the term, “last in, first out.”

How many times do you think that an employer needs to hear that your performance came up a little short, learn that you missed a deadline or hear you say “That’s not my job,” before they decide that you’re not the right person for their organization? The cold, hard truth is that it’s a jungle out there. You can’t afford the be viewed as a mediocre performer, when the economy is bad and jobs are few and far between. It’s not a lot of fun to be looking for another job, when your rent, car payments and college loan payments are all due. Remember, when you get fired for poor performance, your former employer isn’t going to give you a good reference.

To help make certain that your employer remains viable and that your job remains as secure as possible, you must adopt an “I’ll do whatever it takes” attitude and demonstrate a genuine concern for the profitability and effective operation of the organization. Employees who come in late to work, aren’t doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, fail to prevent or solve problems or are unwilling to jump in with both feet when others need help, are not going to last very long. That’s why, when times are tough, poor performers and uncooperative employees will always be the first to go.

Employers need employees who eagerly and consistently contribute to the success of the organization. No organization can survive in bad times when employees aren’t pulling their weight. That’s why the best employees do the following:

Care For The Customers – Without customers, your employer can’t exist. It doesn’t matter whether you serve external or internal customers, you must put them first. Prove to your customers that they can count on you.

Achieve Results – Employers need to know whether you are part of the problem or part of the solution. They usually make that judgment based on the results you consistently achieve. Be an employee who comes through when the chips are down.

Be A Team Player – It takes a team effort to get your employer through the tough times. That means that you must be quick to help other employees in your own department, employees in the departments that you serve and others in the departments that serve you. The entire organization must come together and work together.

Be A Positive Force – Your attitude, words and actions must all support your employer’s efforts to survive. All of your words should be positive, supportive and encouraging to other employees. Your actions should prove that your words are genuine.

Do What Needs To Be Done – Don’t wait for someone to tell you what else to do. Look around! See what needs to be done and do it. Do one more thing. This is a time when you must anticipate needs and problems, so you can prevent or minimize any negative effects. See what others need, so you can be there when they need you. Show your supervisor that you are willing to do even the dirty jobs.

If you aren’t willing to give your all, your employer will see no reason to keep you onboard. When the unemployment rate keeps creeping up, they know that there are plenty of other people out there who would love to have your job. Therefore, if you begin to think that you are doing your employer a favor by staying with them or somehow think that you are entitled to your job or to some form of special treatment, you must understand that you are putting your job in jeopardy. Wise employees know that they must earn anything they get, each and every time.

In a bad economy, employer needs and expectations increase greatly, as the challenges grow and the hurdles get higher. That’s why employers need employees who can help them take on those challenges and win. They need employees who will achieve the results that will keep them in business and make them stronger for the future.

If you hope to thrive in your job during both good and bad times, regularly think about this modified quote. “Ask not what your employer can do for you, ask what you can do for your employer.” It’s a line that can serve you well, as you progress through your entire career.